How new Zadara partner Vitanium is strengthening its data protection services

When data protection and storage needs change – as they have quite a lot in the past year – infrastructure needs to adapt. For Vitanium, a Veeam Cloud Connect partner and channel-focused provider of backup and archive capabilities for around 300 UK customers, the best way to adapt was to partner with Zadara.

As a Zadara partner, Vitanium can run enterprise-class managed infrastructure at its locations, scale flexibly up and down, and have the flexibility of our 100%-OpEx model.

Vitanium has also joined the Zadara Federated Edge, a new distributed cloud architecture designed to enable MSPs to create new edge computing revenue streams – anywhere in the world.

To welcome them to the Zadara partner program, we chatted to Vitanium MD Dave Bullock about how they are meeting their customers’ new data protection challenges.

Zadara: A lot has changed for business IT needs a lot recently. What are your customers’ biggest challenges today?

Dave Bullock: Protecting data has moved up the priority list. Ransomware is the biggest concern for our customers, and we’re seeing huge demand for protection, especially in the legal, education, financial services, and healthcare verticals. At the same time, adoption of SaaS solutions like Office 365 has accelerated, which can increase risks to data.

Today, it’s vital to back up your data reliably and keep a copy off-site. You need protection from all kinds of threats, malicious and accidental. And if something goes wrong you need recover quickly with fast RTO and RPO.

We help our customers understand the risks and mitigate at reasonable cost.

Why did you decide to partner with Zadara?

DB: Partnership is really important to us. We have a large partner base of our own, who resell our products.

Zadara’s Op-Ex model was another factor. It helps us bring new products and innovation to market, but without the up-front expense. Because of that “as a service” model, we can focus on growing the business instead of on financing and managing IT.

Are your customers moving more workloads to the cloud, or back to data centers?

DB: Business datasets and IT needs keep growing, and so customers need the capacity of cloud-based systems to be protected. The acceleration in Microsoft 365 adoption has led to customers swapping their on-premises file servers for SharePoint Online and Teams.

Our role is to protect customers’ business continuity, to provide security and flexibility, whether data lives on premises or in the cloud.

How is Zadara helping you solve storage challenges for your customers?

DB: We needed the ability to deliver storage as a service from our data center hosting providers. Zadara made it happen, because we can place Zadara equipment wherever we need it.

Zadara has helped us improve our agility and service quality as well. With Zadara, we can very quickly onboard new customers and scale storage when needs grow, or when we start working with a new customer. And we have the confidence that we can store data securely and reliably.

What’s next for Vitanium?

We’re planning to become one of the Zadara Federated Edge delivery partners, which will enable us to deliver new edge computing services globally.

We’re also making the most of our strategic partnership with Veeam to explore new data protection offerings. There are lots of exciting plans underway, and Zadara technologies are a big part of delivering them.

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