How NFINIT Optimizes its Infrastructure for Any Workload and Any Business with Zadara

If you’re an MSP or hosting provider who wants to deliver your own brand of high-performance, low-latency services, you may need a more flexible technology partner than public clouds can offer. 

Your customers may benefit from services delivered at the edge, with enterprise-class infrastructure.

NFINIT is both one of the first MSPs to deploy services with Zadara’s Federated Edge, and the subject of our latest case study.

Federated Edge (FE) is a new program leveraging Zadara’s fully-managed, distributed cloud architecture designed to enable hosting providers and MSPs – anywhere in the world – to create new revenue streams made possible by edge computing.

So, what does FE mean for NFINIT, and how does it help them solve their customers’ biggest problems?

Infrastructure for Any Workload and Any Business

In our case study, we speak to Jeremy Fitzpatrick, NFINIT’s VP of Sales and Marketing, about the challenges of delivering the right solution and long-term value over cloud.

“We take the outdated colocation model of space and power and infuse it with tools and services that help our customers do more than they could manage on their own,” says Jeremy. “With our engineering expertise, we help our customers map out the best solution for their use case – instead of asking them to change their applications to fit one set of tools.”

The best solution is one that solves common problems of using public cloud, like having to re-engineer apps at high cost before they can be migrated.

“When you go to AWS, you might have to change your app and how it works with the underlying infrastructure to meet the platform requirements,” explains Jeremy. “I’ve seen customers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to retrofit their applications.”

Another common end-customer problem is that variable fees – for things like data egress, transactions, and storage IOPS – tend to increase dramatically when applications go into production.

“Six years ago, early cloud adopters were putting everything in the public cloud,” says Jeremy. “But it didn’t take long for CEOs to realize that public cloud savings didn’t apply to every workload. They started getting these escalating bills. Now the pendulum is swinging back and we believe it’s landing in the middle, where businesses need the right tools on all sides.”

“So much flexibility in a single platform”

Becoming a Zadara partner has enabled NFINIT to offer an enhanced portfolio of edge cloud services, including support for backup with Veeam Object Storage Immutability. 

“We love Zadara because it gives us so much flexibility in a single platform,” says Jeremy. “We’re able to meet all kinds of business requirements – performance storage for this particular workload, a budget-friendly solution for this Client and we can push this dataset into an archive or off-site. If a customer wants to create a forever archive of a dataset, for example, Zadara enables us to offer a financial model that makes sense.”

And with Federated Edge, NFINIT can deliver its services close to customers leveraging its fully-managed, distributed cloud architecture.

We have leveraged FE to spin up a zCompute node in Germany to meet a client’s strict regulatory needs,”  says Jeremy. “It’s enabling us to reach geographic areas where we don’t have a presence. And there’s a big opportunity to expand the footprint of existing services, such as backup and disaster recovery, into client environments and other areas we may not have been able to reach before.”

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Partnering with Zadara has helped NFINIT to transform its service offering and reap significant business benefits, including:

  • An enhanced Veeam backup offering, thanks to the pre-integration between Veeam and Zadara
  • Pre-installed additional storage capacity that can be switched on or off as needed for instant flexible scale
  • Non-disruptive scaling, which allows customers’ critical environments to avoid planned downtime

Click below to read the full story on these outcomes, how NFINIT is putting Federated Edge to work, and more.

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