Zadara and KT Cloud synergy boosts cloud power of Korean enterprises and startups

Being multi-cloud means having access to a broader range of technologies to support your business. That’s why Zadara, KT, Korea’s largest telecommunications company, and KT DS, the IT subsidiary of KT Corporation, are helping Korean enterprises and start-ups to combine our cloud services and achieve their growth goals.

The KT, KT DS x Zadara joint event – held at the KT Cloud Open Space, a growth hub in Pangyo Techno Valley’s Startup Zone – demonstrated how synergy between KT, KT DS – a subsidiary of KT Corporation providing system management, outsourcing and IT consulting services, together with Zadara give customers the best of all worlds.

“In the world of enterprise cloud, linking services from a range of providers can help businesses to increase efficiency, capabilities, and overall value,” said Joe Soon-hyeon, Director, Zadara Korea.

The growth in Korea’s Silicon Valley

Pangyo’s Techno Valley has grown rapidly over the past decade to become one of Korea’s core business districts. Around 1,700 companies operate out of Techno Valley, producing a GDP of more than $90 billion USD.

In this Pan-Gyo Techno Valley, Zadara and KT DS presented a plan to improve infrastructure operational efficiency to corporate customers by introducing services which can be used to create synergy, and showed MSPs opportunities for business cooperation with Zadara and KT DS. By doing so, Zadara and KT DS showed that they can contribute to the growth of Techno Valley and its tenant companies.

Ready for any use case

In the event’s first session, Zadara Korea solution architect Chang-Hoon Lee discussed how our Edge Cloud Services for enterprise storage and cloud compute can help businesses manage data and run infrastructure more efficiently. KT Cloud customers are already benefiting from the elastic scale and 100%-OpEx consumption-based usage of zStorage and zCompute.

Second up was the OneBackup solution from KT DS, an affordable and easy-to-use remote backup service, which was presented by Ki-Soon Lee, Deputy Head of the KT DS Cloud Business Reinforcement Team.

Together, these services meet almost any use case – from small-scale backup to enterprise disaster recovery.

Attend upcoming Zadara events in Korea

Zadara and KT Cloud plan to host more joint events to help Korean businesses use the full potential of edge cloud services.

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