Data Resilience in a Hybrid World with Veeam Data Platform and Zadara

Organizations are increasingly facing challenges to their data resilience and to keeping their business running. Threats range from the ever-increasing frequency and severity of Ransomware attacks on organizations of all shapes and sizes, to natural disasters such as earthquakes, climate change based events and data center availability due to extreme heat.

The last few years have seen an unprecedented level of impact on the global economy due to these types of events. Every business must put a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place; this has to encompass high value data assets, making use of the security principles defined by the CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability) aspects of data management.

  • 85% of companies have experienced at least one Ransomware attack in the last year*
  • 67% of backups are using a Cloud Service
  • 28% of companies update their recovery plans more frequently than once per year**

Business Continuity is becoming harder to define, with multiple SaaS applications, multiple data locations, multiple cloud environments, and increasing threats to that data

Together, Veeam and Zadara help organizations of all shapes and sizes to protect their assets in this ever increasing hybrid world. This can be achieved with the new Veeam Data Platform, combined with Zadara’s Edge Cloud platform capabilities.

Veeam Data Platform’s emphasis on Data Security, Data Recovery and Data Freedom enables organizational resiliency and keeps businesses running. Veeam’s Subscription or Service Provider licensing, combined with Zadara’s 100% OpEx services enables organizations to adapt to their changing needs; be that on premises, with a service provider or via a cloud provider without financial or technical lock-in. This is the powerful combination of Zadara for primary, secondary and cloud tier storage with the leader in data protection in Veeam.

This is an exciting partnership for Veeam, Zadara, and our joint partners as it brings a number of new alignments.

  • Utilize Veeam Data Platform v12’s Direct-toObject Support to transfer backups direct to Zadara Object Storage
  • New Veeam Data Platform v12 multiple Object Storage extents combined with Zadara Object Storage enables greater flexibility over configurations such as enabling dedicated Object Storage separated and isolated for certain workloads or customers.
  • v12 Multiple SOBR (Scale Out Backup Repositories) with Zadara immutable Object-Lock support provides more choice while maintaining key protection from Ransomware impacts.
  • Backup of NAS file systems such as Zadara’s Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA) NAS services to Zadara Object Storage with immutability support for these still critical data repositories.
  • Backup Agents support for OS protection such as remotely deploying this to Zadara zCompute EC2 instances and providing backup directly to Object Storage.
  • Utilize Veeam DataLabs with Zadara VPSA Block and NAS VPSA’s to present a storage on demand option for testing and recovering environments or for restoring and running AV scans to check for Ransomware threats.
  • PostgreSQL Database support in Veeam v12 can be provisioned on a Zadara zCompute instance along with other components especially where a VCSP would like to offer a customer isolated “Cloud Connect in a box” solution.

Ransomware may lay dormant within the infrastructure for many months before being activated, therefore it is important to scan the backups. This is a key part of data resilience as the recognition of the malware may not happen until some time after it has been deployed in the wild. Veeam’s instant recovery capabilities combined with Zadara Edge Cloud Services provides a platform to perform this task simply and easily. Both Zadara and Veeam have comprehensive API’s so simple scripting tools can be used to automate some of this process.

Rapid recovery is a key component of BCP; Zadara has a facility within its VPSA Arrays that allows the remote projection of a volume from one VPSA to another. This Remote Clone capability enables a remote snapshot to be projected back to the primary site instantaneously with full read / write access. This complements the capabilities that Veeam brings for recovery, that would provide an immutable backup which would be stored on separate media in Zadara’s Object Storage with Object Lock should an immutable copy be the best option for restore.

Because Veeam Data Platform is agnostic to the hardware, this software defined capability allows Veeam to provide portable recovery options and this allows Zadara zCompute instances backed up using Veeam Agents to backup directly to Object Storage that can be recovered to another zCompute instance anywhere; thus allowing for disaster recovery options to be optimized. Veeam Data Platform and components can be installed on zCompute instances, allowing Veeam to recover from Object Storage, Zadara VPSA block or file storage.

Veeam v12’s move to utilizing PostgreSQL Database means that a zCompute Linux Instance could be dedicated to providing the database services used by Veeam. Hosting this and other components such as the Veeam Service Provider Console components on a zCompute instance provides additional options such as needing certificate based security for login access.

Organizations looking to make use of Zadara zCompute can deploy Kubernetes VM’s in the VPC and use Kasten to backup to a Veeam Data Platform target also; thus providing multiple layer data protection capabilities even where there are mixed workloads.

Veeam v12’s Service Provider Console enhancements around Veeam Backup for Office (VBO) enables Microsoft 365 backups to be provisioned to Veeam Cloud Service Provider tenants in once cohesive strategy, onto the Zadara Object Storage platform.

In short, eliminate the complexity and inefficiencies of traditional data protection and recovery solutions. Zadara and Veeam offer a scalable backup solution, with scale-up and scale-out capabilities, to minimize downtime and protect critical data.

To learn more, visit:

*2023 Veeam Data Protection Trends Report
**Forrester State of DR Preparedness 2022

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Steve Costigan

Steve Costigan, Field CTO EMEA at Zadara, is an experienced IT professional, with over 30 years of experience across many technologies and systems within the data center and cloud arena. Steve is skilled in taking complex technical subjects and making a simplified solution achievable–especially around storage, virtualization, and cloud technologies.

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