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All flash? No cash! HDD SSD SAN NAS – Alphabet Soup for the Admin’s Soul

All flash is gaining much hype – and for good reasons. Flash is changing architectures, delivering faster workloads, enabling new applications and is helping to achieve better efficiencies – we are just at the beginning of the flash revolution in the data center.

But we all know that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and that although hyperbole often has a grain of truth, it needs to be looked at critically. With flash, the cost equation (TCA and TCO) is becoming more confusing whether on-premise or in the cloud, and flash vendors add to the confusion with marketing lingo. Well, who can blame them? Flash is a great technology and it’s tempting to market it everywhere.

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Zadara Storage Summit 2014: To Understand The Cloud, Talk To Your Customers

On June 17th 2014, 50 of Zadara’s customers and partners arrived at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas. Their first task was to sign-in, meet and greet the Zadara team and travel via a very short ride to the newly opened, 550-ft-tall, High Roller observation wheel (LINQ). It is the highest of it’s kind in the world! Last year our summit would have probably fit in in one of these huge cabins, however, this year we needed 3 to accommodate the fast-growing base of partners and customers who wanted to partake in our yearly event.

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