Zadara Edge Cloud

Whether you’re in need of compute power, database storage, backup or disaster recovery, content delivery, low-latency edge deployments, or other functionality, Zadara Edge Cloud (ZEC) delivers enterprise-grade data management solutions to maximize your flexibility, scalability, and reliability. 

Built for speed, security, and scalability.

The Zadara Edge Cloud Platform uses a combination of industry-standard hardware and patented Zadara software to deliver enterprise-class speed, security, and scalability — together with the convenience of the cloud. Operate with confidence. Any data type. Any protocol. Any location. With Zadara your data storage and management system is always in sync with your requirements.

Multi-tenant environment.
Single-tenant experience.

On the Zadara Edge Cloud Platform, multiple tenants are able to run file, block and object storage simultaneously on the same physical machines, without interfering with one another. You can maintain predictable performance, full data privacy and security, and full elasticity, regardless of how many users are active at once.

Add hundreds of nodes.
Keep workloads isolated.

Because of virtualization and resource isolation, the Zadara Edge Cloud Platform can handle hundreds of nodes while workloads remain isolated from one another. Nodes are interconnected using multiple, redundant 40Gb connections with iSER (RDMA) to minimize latency and dramatically improve performance.

Patented virtualization software.
Industry-standard hardware.

The Zadara Edge Cloud Platform is built on standard x86 servers and is powered by patented Zadara software that creates a virtualizing data storage resource abstraction layer. A powerful combination that delivers enterprise functionality with cloud convenience.

Configurable and flexible.
Meet performance and cost needs.

The Zadara Edge Cloud Platform is designed to service both hot, high-speed primary work loads and warm/cold backup and repository workloads. Configure a custom mix of drives based on performance and cost demands. Choose from NVMe, Flash-optimized SSDs, hard disk drives.

Safe, secure, self-healing system.
High Quality of Service.

The Zadara Edge Cloud Platform was architected with redundancy at every level, ensuring a safe and secure enterprise storage solution. Component failures self-heal using seamless automatic recovery. It all adds up to high Quality of Service.

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