Backup to Object Storage

Simple, cost-effective data protection.

Eliminate the need for host-based backup software.

Zadara’s Backup to Object Storage gives you a simple, cost-effective means to back up your enterprise data. And with Zadara you’re not locked into a proprietary system. Restore your data to any storage medium you choose.

Retain control of your data.
Restore anywhere.

Data backed up using Zadara can be restored to any storage medium from any vendor including Zadara, Amazon S3/EBS/EFS/Glacier, Google Cloud Platform, or any other storage target you specify.

Simple. Cost-effective.

Backup to object-based storage eliminates the need for host-based backup software and provides a simple, easy-to-use, high performance, block-based backup process.

Adjust, optimize, control.
Web management interface.

Adjust your storage structure as needed, using a GUI and REST API. Adjust processor performance, the quantity and types of dedicated drives (SSD, SAS, and/or SATA), and the level of data protection (RAID 1 and 10) at any time. Graphical performance logging allows you to oversee and optimize application performance.

Dedicated resources.
Secure encryption.

Zadara is built with security in mind. Your data is stored on dedicated hardware, and protected with in-flight and at-rest encryption. Also, because you manage your keys, only you control access to your data.

Expert Management

Live, proactive management and support 24/7/365. Notifications, alerts based on operating thresholds. Periodic, non-disruptive hardware and software upgrades.

Get more for less.
Pay-as-you-go pricing.

Zadara delivers all the power of enterprise storage without the complexity. Free resources for strategic initiatives with fully-managed, pay-only-for-what-you-use model that reduces your costs and management burden. Get more for less. No big up-front costs. No commitments required. No more storage upgrade, replace, or migration. Use Zadara for an hour, a month, a year, or forever, and get the same low-cost, high-touch service.

Protect Your Data Using Zadara’s Built-in Snapshots

Data protection services are just one of many features included with Zadara, to help with your day-to-day and long-term data management. Learn more about the four ways to protect your data using Zadara’s built-in snapshot functionality.

Learn more about our Backup to Object Storage solutions.

Learn more about Zadara and our Backup to Object Storage solutions. Check out our brochures, webinars, white papers, and other resources.


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