Zadara Storage is a 10gen Partner – MongoDB in the Cloud

Zadara™ Storage is happy to announce that we have recently become an official 10gen Partner. We are delighted to offer our service to MongoDB customers who are seeking better performance, performance consistency, data management (snapshots, replication) and availability at AWS and Dimension Data clouds.

Last year we announcedthat our Cloud Block Storage is MongoDB Cloud IaaS Ready, allowing users to take advantage of the power and economics of the cloud while gaining unprecedented reliability, control, and security for off-premise MongoDB instances.  
Our solution provides MongoDB users the ability to achieve higher levels of performance, reliability and security than previously available in a public cloud environment, including unlimited, zero-impact snapshots–instantly and easily creating recovery points without performance degradation; consistency groups for easy snapshots across volumes–creating synchronized snapshots of multiple volumes with a single command; and increased performance and speed by individually optimizing the performance of each volume (e.g., setting up a sequential-write optimized volume for crash recovery logs).
We are delighted to be an official 10gen partner, and to continue to develop solutions to make the cloud Enterprise ready.

To learn how to run MongoDB at AWS with our VPSA cloud block storage, please visit our support forum for step by step instructions.

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