Zadara Summit 2016: Zadara is Googling It


Dave Elliott, What’s Next in Cloud Computing

Zadara is Googling it with Dave Elliott, Global Product Lead for Google. Dave will be a keynote speaker at Zadara Summit 2016.  His presentation will focus on trends in data and storage as well as migrating to the cloud.

Dave’s role at Google includes strategizing and managing go-to-market plans for Google’s public cloud storage business. Dave is known in the industry as an innovator in data protection for virtual and cloud environments as well as business development.

Zadara Storage recently teamed up with Google to provide our patented, award-winning enterprise Storage-as-a-Service solution for Google Cloud Platform customers. Dave will describe the benefits of this architecture from both a Zadara and Google standpoint, as well as what it means for Google customers.

Zadara is now available in the top 3 hyperscale clouds.  With Zadara’s multi-cloud concurrent access, users have the ultimate flexibility to connect to the most appropriate service, as needed. The availability means that GCP customers now have access to encrypted, advanced, high performance, high availability, fully-featured enterprise storage directly connected to their Google Cloud Engine VMs.

As a result, GCP customers enjoy enterprise storage that offers the capabilities, reliability and data privacy of traditional, on-premise storage arrays – but in a fully elastic manner and with pure OpEx consumption pricing.  This enables the migration of business applications to GCP as well as hybrid operating models that span GCP and on-premise environments.

This offering is an essential part of the ongoing tectonic shift from the traditional CapEx infrastructure model to flexible, agile OpEx. The combined spending on Public- and Private-Cloud OpEx IT is forecasted to account for half of total IT spending by the end of the decade.

Google boasts a network backbone with a vast reach and many locations worldwide, allowing for efficient connections from nearly anywhere on the planet.

Don’t miss Dave Elliott at the Zadara Summit! See the full agenda by clicking here.

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