Cyxtera Data Centers Now Offering Zadara Enterprise Storage as a Service On Demand

Optimized for a Hybrid IT Enterprise strategy, Zadara offers all of the technical functionality required by digital businesses without the cost and complexity of owning and managing storage infrastructure.

The following blog from Cyxtera’s Lael Hester, Solutions Architect at Cyxtera Technologies was originally published on the Cyxtera blog. To learn more, don’t miss our live webinar, with Cyxtera on, Tue, June 16, 2020 11:30 AM PDT. 

Data is one of the most important assets of any organization, and the quantity and size of data lakes is growing at a continuously increasing rate. Monetization of this asset through Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence requires data integrity and accuracy, as well as effective ways for distributed applications to access this data.

Adding to the complexity of efficient data monetization strategies are the numerous different storage technologies and commercial models. Organizations have to manage and store structured and unstructured data repositories, utilize different replication and de-duplication methodologies to adhere to different Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO), and numerous different availability options supporting complex RAID/RAIN disk striping and mirroring processes. Hyperconverged infrastructure and software-defined, multi-tenant storage arrays are also now mainstream and very effective. From a commercial perspective there are CapEx-heavy dedicated storage arrays, capital leases, and fully Opex-based cloud models that require complex connectivity and security protocols be put in place. Not to mention data sovereignty concerns.

To simplify these technical and commercial challenges, Cyxtera has partnered with Zadara to offer on-demand pay for what you use Enterprise Storage as a Service. Zadara differentiates in the marketplace by being a “100% pure-play services provider” says their CEO Nelson Nahum, with a “next-generation platform that is agile, extensible, and scalable.” This strategy aligns seamlessly with the Cyxtera Extensible Data Center (CXD) Enterprise Bare Metal platform. Cyxtera offers Bare Metal as a Service on demand in 10 global regions, with expansion planned throughout the year and beyond. By leveraging the synergies between Cyxtera and Zadara customers can scale up and out as their business needs change, without incurring the risk and capital expenditures of a legacy technology environment.

Customers can leverage the dynamic Cyxtera Interconnectivity platform for resilient direct connections, with the low-latency, high-bandwidth performance that lossless data replication requires. Cyxtera is very excited about this new partnership, and we welcome the opportunity to speak with our existing and prospective clients about how Cyxtera and Zadara are better together.

Learn how you can reduce your financial and operational risk, using advanced storage on demand at Cyxtera during our LIVE WEBINAR. Register now and join us June 16, 2020 at 11:30 EDT. Expert solution architects from Cyxtera and Zadara discuss why Advanced Storage on Demand is an ideal solution for helping you manage your changing data storage needs in today’s uncertain climate.

Zadara Team

Zadara Team

Since 2011, Zadara’s Edge Cloud Platform (ZCP) simplifies operational complexity through automated, end-to-end provisioning of compute, storage and network resources.

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