Why Zadara Edge Cloud?

Are you looking for a fully-managed, pay-as-you-go cloud service provider? 

With Zadara, you can instantly deploy storage, network, and compute services across any of our 400+ global points of presence. Zadara is the only provider that delivers fully-managed, fully elastic, 100% OpEx edge cloud services for enterprises and services providers of all sizes.

Below, GigaOm highlights the key differences between us and the competition and confirms that Zadara leads in cost savings, range of services, ease of use, and more!

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Fully Managed Cloud Services

Whether onsite or offsite, unburden yourself from IT operations and avoid spending capital on infrastructure procurements.

Find Out How Zadara Compares

How does Zadara Storage compare with the leading Enterprise Data Storage & Cloud Storage Companies? Find out!

and Oracle Cloud

vs. Zadara

Dell EMC, HPE, NetApp
and Pure Storage

vs. Zadara

How can Zadara transform your IT operations? Watch the video.

Zadara Edge Cloud Services

Leading companies worldwide trust Zadara. Read their stories.

Find out why leading companies around the world, and in a variety of industries, trust Zadara for their enterprise data storage and management.

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