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Leading ASEAN Bank Sees Tremendous Growth Despite Pandemic Following Strategic IT Transformation

The way we do banking has changed a lot recently. In-app has taken over in-branch transactions, for reasons we know all too well. But at banks and other financial services institutions (FSIs), business priorities haven’t changed so much. FSIs still need to deliver the best possible customer experience, so they can grow the customer base and fend off challengers.

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GigaOm Ranks Zadara Top AWS S3 Alternative

Object storage is inexpensive, scalable, and allows massive amounts of unstructured data to be readily accessible and more easily analyzed. Available in the cloud and on premises, object storage is ideal for unstructured data can and very popular for backup, archiving, content management, file-based and cloud-native applications, and big data lakes, reports GigaOm.
AWS’s Simple Storage Service (S3) has quickly become a standard protocol for object storage but there are competitive alternatives from leading cloud providers.

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Cybersecurity Innovator Pratum, Inc Uses Zadara to Reduce Latency

Speed matters, especially when it comes to cybersecurity and threat detection. Every security event faced by Pratum’s customers, from successful logins to attempted intrusions, is aggregated, analyzed in real-time, and stored in order to strengthen security insight and response. This is why Pratum sought Zadara!

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