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Software Defined Storage vs traditional SAN Storage from a storage vendor perspective.

There is a new trend of Software Defined “Everything” in IT, and the storage industry is going through the same transformation. While there is a lot of marketing buzz around the term Software Defined Storage, this article is intended to introduce clarity by describing—from a storage vendor perspective—the major differences between Software Defined Storage and traditional SAN or NAS arrays.

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Storage Performance in the Cloud

It is no secret that storage performance in the cloud is one of the main challenges for applications. The storage performance problem in the cloud has multiple facets. It is not just low vs. high performance; it’s also the fact that performance varies over time, and one customer can impact the performance of others. There is also the issue of storage performance monitoring. How does one know if an application is running slowly because of storage performance, or because of other factors like networking, IO concurrency, latencies, etc.?

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The Case for Data Encryption in the Cloud

One of the main concerns people have when they need to store data and run applications in the cloud is the security. Despite the fact that cloud providers usually have very good security schemes, there are some questions one needs to ask when moving data that is in one’s own data center to the cloud.

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