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It’s people who make things work, not just technology – Meet the Zadara team

At Zadara Storage, we take a lot of pride that in only two years we developed a robust Enterprise-class storage solution from the ground up for the cloud, that it is available at multiple public clouds (including AWS US-East and West, and Dimension Data) and colocation facilities (such as Equinix data centers in Silicon Valley and Washington DC) with a significant customer base, including several Fortune 50 companies.

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Cloud Storage Requirements – Part II

With many inquiries following our recent Cloud Storage Requirements: Performance May Only be 5th on Your List of Needs blog post, we decided to take this topic a step further and break down, explore and elaborate on the most frequently asked questions and requirements our customers listed as pivotal in choosing our solution for their Enterprise cloud storage.

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Zadara Storage at Red Hat Summit

At the 2013 Red Hat Summit, Zadara Storage, an early adopter participant in the Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure Partner Network, presents their software-defined Enterprise storage solution that delivers high-end Cloud Block Storage, SAN and NAS, while benefiting from cloud economics and agility.

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